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Price and Shaft Options

 Please note: For overseas orders we will contact you with shipping costs.

This blade shape is now a popular choice amongst multisporters and surf lifesavers.

It is one of the smaller/medium blades available and will suit either junior, lady and Senior paddlers who like to keep the cadence up.

The blade just loves scrappy or confused water and is right in it's element giving the paddler a great feel of the water which in turn promotes good balance with your kayak or surf ski delivering the momentum you need, it is also a blade that is smooth and very much at home in flat water.

Dimensions: 490mm x 160mm

Weight per set 500 grams

Shaft available in:

  • Carbon 1.pc shaft
  • Carbon Smart Shaft
  • Carbon/Kevlar 1.pc shaft
  • Carbon/Kevlar Smart Shaft

Weight range: 750 to 900 grams depending on shaft.

   Pleiades1     Pleiades2     Pleiades3   Pleiades4

 Pleiades  $540.00  $595.00  $630.00
 Alloy Tips available on request.
 Prices subject to change.

          Please call us for bulk prices on over 10 paddles.


#6 Clarky 2015-01-27 09:31
Excellent paddle , lots of features at a great price . Paddles nicely in varied conditions . Can paddle at a higher rate for a lot longer , could not do that with the older larger bladed paddle.
Great service and delivered personnally !!
#5 Edward 2014-09-04 17:38
Great paddle, is a very light paddle that suits flat water paddling and surf ski paddling. Great service tested one first then it was made over the weekend even though Corey had the flu.
#4 Doug 2014-06-30 13:20
I brought the Pleiades as my first wing paddle, it has a small medium size blade which is what a lot of people seem to recommend, and suits me as I have a shoulder injury. The paddle is very light weight and easy to use I highly recommend this paddle, as well as service from Corey is excellent.
#3 Ken Laurie 2013-12-18 14:49
Great intro to wing paddles by Cory. Using his Pleiades paddle for Coast to Coast training then race day. Awsome service, especially when I damagaed the top edge and Cory performed a great repair very quickly.
#2 Simon 2013-09-28 06:53
Good quality paddle, value for money.
Paddle enables high cadence and feels good in the water.

Corey ensured I was happy with the paddle and provided good and fast customer service.
#1 Jacob 2013-06-16 14:59
Great paddle, confidence inspiring in all conditions, weather it be dead flat, choppy, or in the surf. I paddle surf ski predominantly, but also do a bit of k1 and with the help of the smart shaft the Pleiades transitions between the two really well.

As I said it has a great catch and a clean exit meaning you're able to build your rating reasonably quickly after busting through a wave, ideal for ski. It is also great in the chop, building the rating quickly and keeping it high in both up and down wind. Great flat water paddle, I have noticed that I'm thinking a lot more about my technique with this paddle and i can really feel the improvements.

Great service dealing with Corey, had the paddle within a week and had a custom paint job as well, which looks great. I would recommend this paddle to anyone into surf ski paddling at any level.